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English Language

Program Overview:

The official course description:

Getting degrees is not enough to succeed in the competitive world of international business. Communication and professional skills are demanded too.  ACT offers this program to turn you into a professional with effective communication skills that can overcome all the obstacles of your career.


Who May Enroll?

This program is especially designed for people who are facing challenges in their education, personal and professional lives.  The program does not only offer proper guideline, but also offers expert coaching for success in local and international examinations, certifications, job & visa interviews. The program is equally suited to those who are facing problems in their jobs and businesses because of lack of communication skills and professional training.

Features & scope of the course:

  • It not only helps you to develop grammar and pronunciation skills but also provides you with the opportunity to develop effective professional speaking skills.
  • The program guides you about your career and equips you with all the professional skills that will lead you to your destination.
  • Having completed this course, you will be able to pass local and international examinations like BA, CSS, IELTS, job & visa interviews etc. successfully.
  • It is a comprehensive course which covers all the essential aspect of English language you require for a successful career.

Course contents:

  • Morphology to learn vocabulary
  • Syntax to learn Grammar
  • English Phonology & IPA to learn Pronunciation
  • Receptive skills (Reading & Listening)
  • Productive Skills (Writing & Speaking)
  • Functional English
  • Presentation skills
  • Confidence Building & Personal Grooming.
  • Career planning
  • Professional skills training

Course Duration:

50 Days